Education is an integral part of life & computer technology has become life of education. Today in the fast competitive world of education, with the growing no. of International schools in our country, it has become mandatory to keep yourself up to the mark in this race, which cannot be achieved without the computer technology. Computers in education today are not confined to the syllabus only, but have taken a firm place in the management and administration of the institutions also.In this fast tech modern age it is very essential to maintain all the records of the institution up to date, right from students data to employees’ detail and all other mandatory registers of the institution. The results are expected at a click of the button, for which it is now very necessary for any educational organization to be computer savvy.

bbnisys with its vast experience in the field of IT, brings to you a very comprehensive but a compact software module, “e-school,” which is capable in handling right from Basic Data Administration to Transport Management System of the school.

1. Student Management
2. Salary Management
3. Time Table
4. Library Management with I-card generation
5. Fee Collection
6. Accounts Management
7. Administration
8. Lab Management

Optional Modules
1. Hostel Management
2. Advance e-Coaching Management
3. Parent Teacher Association
4. Interactive Time Table Management
5. Logistic (Transportation) Management

Other salient features
Administrator Module.
Teachers Module.
 Accounting module.
Administrator will interact with parents through e-mail and sms.
Facility to auto draft letters using word templates.
 Accountants to maintain whole balance account.
Search facility to find attendance of a particular student.
Web based search facility using ASP.NET for auto alerts to parents about performance of their wards.
Autogenaration of message for parent if student attendance falls below a predefined level.
Check on yearly % of attendance and % of marks obtained.
Student Gate Pass and ID Card (with web camera).
Performance warning alarm.
Fee notice to the Parents.
Overall performance of the student.
List of Defaulter students- attendance, fees etc-message.

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Technology Platform: Microsoft .Net , C# with ASP.NET, Jscript, MS SQL Server 2005 Expre., ADO.NET, Chat Server