TraumaCare enables pre-surgical planning of trauma, arthroplasty and osteotomy procedures.

TraumaCare are designed for small to medium-size practices as well as for large hospitals and academic institutions.

TraumaCare is a comprehensive solution for Orthopaedic Surgeons, to meticulously prepare a Pre-Operative Plan prior to a surgery. Based on the concepts and principles of AO – Fracture Reduction Technique Manual, TraumaCare judiciously follows these steps of preparing the pre-operative plan with intrinsic graphics features to dynamically achieve the layout of the plan with ease and dexterity.

TraumaCare facilitates the Orthopaedic Surgeon to prepare a complete layout of the fractured region, trace them with different colours, superimpose them, move, rotate and flip them, and add implants prior to a surgery. TraumaCare allows surgeons to evaluate and manipulate Digital X-ray Images, while performing various pre-operative surgical planning and evaluation of X-ray Images.

The complete schematics of the pre-operative procedure can be obtained in the form of printed graphics, after a preview which allows to scale the image if necessary and set the orientation to portrait or landscape. A complete report of the implants used with their quantities, and the displacement and rotation of bones / fragments can be generated.

TraumaCare can be used in conjunction with a C-ARM to augment the already existing features, and to circumvent the need of performing a pre-operative plan from the captured Digital X-ray Image.