CloudHMS, Cloud-based pioneer Hospital Information System is an elegant business choice. As the servers are off-site, it requires no major Servers / IT infrastructure and the resultant licensing fees. Conveniently Cloud-based HIS only comes with monthly/quarterly/yearly utilization charges as a SaaS model. The data of the CloudHMS is stored in encrypted form ensuring security. The encryption has high-security levels and with practically no server downtime as compared to the on-site servers, CloudHMS relieves the user of any operations problems and data security issues that arise out of the server being down.00

The CloudHMS offers you the operational visibility on your fingertips that can make all the difference between running a hospital and running a hospital profitably. Only CloudHMS offers you a solution that can integrate all your departments – from pharmacies, diagnostic labs, imaging units to branches and collection centre’s spread across different geographic locations giving you a unified look at your business.

CloudHMS modular solutions and configurable workflows can be customized to your requirements so you can choose the parameters that matter to you the most.

Key Benefit of CloudHMS

  • Elimination of various Software Solutions
  • Advance way of patient appointment and queue management
  • Increase your profitability
  • Optimize Productivity
  • Eliminate Inventory leakage & losses
  • Strong and fingertips control on entire organization
  • Multi-Hospital and Multi branches handling capability
  • Integration Capability
  • Maximize your return on investment