OrthoSys©. It’s just not a data collection tool. Advanced IMAGING capacity place OrthoSys© in new generation category of solutions.

When it comes to developing Digital Healthcare Solutions. OrthoSys© offers unrivaled reliability, flexible design which featured to meet your exact needs, user-friendly customization and ease of use.

Fast and Efficient: One Single consistent main screen with ‘WYSIWUG’, with default value settings for various examinations and investigations to save valuable time and avoid mundane data inputs.

Patient-Centric Efficient Information Management: Patient-Centric architecture allows patient information to be managed directly by the OrthoSys© System. A complete diagnostic assessment can be completed in approximately half the time of conventional examinations. Completed examinations, diagnostics and any previous DICOM images are easily accessible to the orthopedic surgeon, in the examination room, the clinic or at home.

No more aggravations of using Films: The OrthoSys© System enables orthopaedists to view images, make advanced orthopedic measurements and plan surgeries quickly and efficiently without the aggravations of using film. OrthoSys© supports DICOM-3 Standard.

Composite Imaging Technology: Composite Imaging Technology enables orthopaedists and clinicians to perform accurate digital image processing, eliminating manual viewing and reducing opportunities for human error. It Supports annotation on 3D images.

Efficient Workflow: OrthoSys© provides high productivity which is essential today in the medical field, Automates most repetitive task like Clinical Letters, Medical Certificates, Patient Instructions, Prescription, Patient Bills and Medical Reports.

Flexible by Design: OrthoSys© is not based on hard-coded artifacts. All the features, radiological values, default settings, and ranges can be dynamically customized with new values on the fly. Allows you to expand your present and future needs in a flexible manner.

Analytical Reports: A complete wizard to provide diverse constraints based on all available recorded information, generate a query on the fly and produce a report, for use in statistical and R&D domains. Clinical Reports produced in plain English paragraphs wise, depicting all recorded examinations investigations, diagnostics, and treatment.

Risk Management minimizes the risk of documentation audits. Eliminates illegible medical records. Database backups for protection from natural disaster or theft.

Return on Investment: • Immediate Payback • Eliminate transcription costs

Security: Login allowed for only known Profiles, with Roles and Privileges. Audit Trail allows you to keep track of who entered or altered information in the system.

Database Independent: Works effortlessly with most Relational Databases like Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL including MS-Access.

Platform Independent: Based on Java Technology works unperturbed on virtually all Operating Systems.
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Technology Platform: Java, JavaSwing, MySql, DICOM-3