News & Events

1. Bbnisys is switching over its Global Delivery & R&D Centre to Pune from June 2017.

2. Bbnisys is the first company in Gwalior to get  NASSCOM membership.

3. Bbnisys has upgraded its products, eHMS, ePetro, eSchool, eRetail Software to the latest Microsoft Framework 4.6.2 and they are also available on Amazon AWS/ Microsoft Azure Cloud.

4. Since starting of Global Delivery & R&D Centre at Pune in the month of June 2017, Our first Customer for eHMS is Vinod Memorial Multispecialty Hospital.

5. We have got the second order for eHMS namely Vimal Multispecialty Hospital.

6. Bbnisys plans to launch Latest Technology & Cloud based  Multi-Dimensional Hospital Management System in the Month of April 2018.

7. Bbnisys also plans to start Corporate Training in Core Java, Hadoop, IOT, R Language & Machine Learning.