Mr. Prafull Vernekar

Mr. Prafull Vernekar – Chief Technology Officer


Mr. Prafull Vernekar, is working in the IT (Information Technology) field for the past thirty years. he started his career on a Second-Generation Main-Frame computer IBM 1401 with the AutoCoder Language, and then migrated to the micro-computers sector, developing software exhaustively in languages `C’, COBOL and LISP languages.

He developed an Orthopedics software well appreciated for its rich features. It generates a 3-Dimensional model from DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) files. A Pre-Operative Plan to automatically trace the fracture and allows to dynamically place implants to scale. It generates a Bill-Of-Material with complete sketch.

Presently Mr. Prafull is working with Big Data using Hadoop, Spark, and Internet of Things (IoT) and R Language and Environment for Statistical Computing.