Our Promoter are associated with Petroleum retail business from last 40 years and are well versed with all the difficulties and problems of the business. After in-depth analysis of these problems, we have created a highly technically equipped multipurpose, Petro and Gas station management system, “ePetro,” which will give more sophistication to all your business activities in a very short period. Its main aim is to systematically channelize your important government registers, billings, purchases, tanks, machines, nozzles, staff, logistics, accounting, customer credit, customer data mining and many other benefits without any pauses and hurdles.

It is chiefly developed for 3 tier work systems like Operation, Accounting, Customer Service (OACS). Today mostly available softwares in the market completely focus on accounting but we have a different view in this regard. We believe that operation system must be perfect and secondly, our main attention should be on customer services. If we have a good operation system then only our maximum customers will be satisfied and it is only the customers’ satisfaction which will reach our sales graph to the peak value. The accounting will be of no use if the number of customers keep on decreasing day by day. Due to this we had kept the accounting as the last subject which only reflects the ratio of profit and loss.