Career Opportunity

We’re looking for candidates who are intellectual and insightful. Individuals who welcome the challenge and are willing to grow with the company. At Bbnisys Technologies, we offer the opportunity for learning, personal growth and advancement and appreciate contribution from each individual.

  1. Sr. Sales Manager (Retail Software Products)  3- 5 Year Experience
  2. Sr. Sales Manager (Education Software Products) 3- 5 Year Experience
  3. Sr. Sales Manager (Governance IT Projects & Coordination) 5+ Year Experience
  4. Sr. Software Engineer ( 5+ Year Experience
  5. Sr. Software Engineer (Java J2SE/ J2EE) 5+ Year Experience
  6. Sr. Software Engineer (Android/ IOS) 3+ Year Experience
  7. Sr. Software Engineer (Database / Cloud Computing) 3+ Year Experience
  8. Developers ( 2+ Year Experience
  9. Developers (Java) 2+ Year Experience
  10. Developers (Android/IOS) 1+ Year Experience


Global Delivery & R&D Centre: 304, 3rd Floor, Pride Purple Accord,

Opp. Veritas Technology, Near Vijay Sales, Baner, Pune, 411007 India

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